Why India should be your next holiday destination!

India, with its mystical charm, ancient traditions, delicious cuisines, mesmerizing landscape, fascinating wildlife, and great hospitality has always managed to enthrall travelers from across the globe. Every corner of India will offer you something unique. A trip to India will be full of surprises and unforgettable memories but one thing’s for sure; you won’t return home quite the same after the roller coaster ride of this incredible country.

There are plenty of reasons to pack your bags and head to India each more compelling than the other.


Happy Kids

There’s a saying in India, “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which means “the guest is God.” Indians consider it a huge honor to have guests in their home and go out of their way to help them. India is very well known for the hospitality and warmth of its local people. It’s the people of India who will further make your experience a memorable one with their everlasting smiling faces. Getting invited to a local’s home for a traditional meal, having tea on a roadside tea stall, simply wandering around the bazaars, or witnessing children play on the street will leave the essence of the locals to your soul.


Truck Art

Just like its vast geographical area, India has an enormous and diverse culture. India’s diverse culture and heritage can be witnessed through its verities of cuisines, vivid Languages, colorful clothing, exclusive lifestyle, etc. as you move from one region to another. Most tourists consider visiting India as they want to experience the various cultures and traditions which are often unique whereas for many first-time visitors some customs may come as a culture shock. India weddings are a blend of extravagant events, flashy outfits, mouthwatering cuisines, vibrant cultural events lasting over the course of a few days, lots and lots of singing and dancing, etc. It’s a dream for many to witness the chaos of a Fat Indian Wedding.


Hawa Mahal

With one of the oldest civilizations in the world, this historical gem attracts history lovers from all over the world. Be it the red fort of Delhi or the caves of Ajanta Ellora in Aurangabad, every monument has a great historical significance attached to it. India is home to a number of royal palaces and forts belonging to kings who ruled India in different eras. Many royal palaces are now converted into the world’s best hotels and luxurious resorts. Travelers can book suits in these royal palaces to experience the royalty and lavish lifestyle of Indian Kings.


Firni and Malpua

If we leave all the historical monuments aside, India is also very famous for its delicious and varied food. But frankly speaking, not all people will be fond of Indian food, and may take some time to adjust as ‘ being spicy’ is one of the key ingredients. But for those who love it, Food alone is enough reason for attracting them towards India. Although mainly India is vegetarian you can still enjoy many Mughlai, Persian and Arabic delicacies like Biryani, Shawarma, Laal Maas to name a few. Street food is the heart of Indian food lovers with a vast variety ranging from Pani Puri to Masala Dosa and cutting chai to nimbu pani.  Also, the sweets in India are quite tempting and people having sweet tooth can munch upon a lot of sweets like Rosugulla from Kolkata to Ghewar from Rajasthan.


Chand Baori

Another good reason to visit India is to witness its fascinating architectural marvels. An exceptionally beautiful and architecturally diverse country, India has an abundance of majestic forts, royal palaces, elegant mosques, Spiritual temples, Historical monuments, and ancient ruins. Till today all these architectural wonders stand tall conveying the proud stories to all the visitors. Having UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites in its kitty, India is surely a treasure for history buffs and art lovers.


Buddhist Prayer Flags

Since ancient times, India is known as the center of spirituality. Some of the prominent religions in the world were originated in India. Over the years India has become a hub for travelers to travel in order to get spiritual awakening and peace. With a large number of temples, ashrams, and shrines India attracts travelers from all corners of the world. Many people visit India in order to have a peaceful and pleasant environment by indulging in various activities like Yoga, Meditation, etc. Yoga is an integral part of India’s spiritual world and is a very popular activity throughout the world. You can visit several ashrams where you can get in-depth knowledge about Yoga, Meditation, and other spiritual activities. Visiting India is a very inspiring and rewarding experience for one’s inner self.



Apart from having a diverse culture, India is also rich in its flora and fauna. Beyond India’s chaotic cities and Bustling bazaars, animal lovers can discover many species of wild animals, birds, and reptiles by visiting some famous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. India has more than a hundred national parks, covering over 15,600 square miles of protected land. Many of the country’s wildlife sanctuaries once were hunting reserves of the maharajas, and more than 50 have been designated as tiger reserves. According to the last available census, done in 2014 by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII), India is home to 2,226 tigers, 70 percent of which reside within tiger reserves. India also offers different types of safaris like wildlife safaris in which you can witness wild animals like tigers, deers, and many others in the wild or desert safaris sitting on the back of a camel enjoying the dunes.

Fairs & Festivals

Makar Sankranti is celebrated by flying colourful kites.

It would not be wrong to say that festivals are synonyms of India. India is home to some of the most dominant religions across the world and hence it also becomes the heart of the celebrations of some major festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, Baisakhi to name a few. Every festival in India irrespective of which religion it belongs is celebrated with full zeal and gusto. It would be a great experience if you could witness and participate in any of these festivals on your visit to India.


Bazaar at Ajmer Daragah

India is a shopper’s paradise. India is famous for some ethnic wear, colorful clothes, dazzling handicrafts, souvenirs, distinctive jewelry, and a lot more. It doesn’t matter if you are on a tight budget or you want to spend a lot, Indian markets will offer you stuffs according to your taste, liking, style, and most importantly friendly for your pocket. You can enter any bazaar or street market in India and you will be greeted with some appealing and irresistible stuff bewitching your senses.


Khardung La Pass

For adventure lovers, India can be a great destination as it offers various adventurous activities like river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, deep-sea underwater diving, and forest camping available in different parts of the country. Adventure seekers can enjoy a lot of thrilling experiences to quench their adrenaline thirst.  Over the past couple of years, Motorcycle rides across the country have gained some peek popularity among both domestic and foreign tourists.

Searching for more reasons to visit India?

Why not visit this beautiful country yourself and witness it to tell the whole world that how amazing is India and why it should it be your next travel destination.

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