River Rafting in Ladakh.

Watch a short video of our rafting experience in Ladakh.


River Rafting in Ladakh is a combination of  both thrill and exhibition of alluring landscape. Bouncing on the freezing rapids of the Indus river surrounded by mighty barren mountains makes the rafting experience in Ladakh a unique one.The majority of travelers visit Leh to take on the treacherous roads or to witness the beauty of the place but If you want a bit more adventure you must definitely go rafting.


Rafting trips are organized by a many tour operators in Leh. With the help of the owner of our guest house we managed to get a package of 700 Rupees per person including pick up and drop.



If you are planning to take a camera make sure it’s waterproof.I used a Garmin Virb which according to me is one the best action cam available. The guides are qualified and all the safety measures are taken.




At one point our raft crashed into a large wave throwing me out into the cold river. Fortunately, I was holding the rope tight, which avoided any further unfortunate accident.

Just before falling into the freezing river.

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